What is vTestify?

vTestify’s deposition capture platform enables court reporters, digital reporters, and videographers to extend their reach. Our secure, easy-to-use scalable platform facilitates the remote capture of testimony while also preserving business continuity.

Web-based Platform

Nothing to download or install. With cloud redundancy and speaker isolation, the platform enables remote depositions and provides immediate access to the recorded video and stamped exhibits.


You and your clients should never be concerned about the security of your virtual environment. We provide encrypted streaming, network protection, and secure storage that meet legal industry needs and compliance regulations.

Increased Throughput

Everything you need to run and manage a deposition is in one place. You are in control with a flexible platform that mirrors your natural workflows, reduces common process bottlenecks, and streamlines your work.

vTestify DepoSync is now integrated with LexisNexis Sanction.


Stewart W. Fisher

Stewart W. Fisher

GMFM Law Firm

"Using vTestify erased any reservations our firm had about conducting a remote deposition. The user interface was extremely intuitive, even for our attorneys who are less comfortable with technology. The Case Coordinator feature made scheduling the deposition and uploading exhibits a breeze for me. The video quality was superb. Any time we had questions, the staff at vTestify were very knowledgeable and more than happy to assist us."

Laura Noble

Laura Noble

The Noble Law Firm

"Last year I was in an arbitration proceeding with a large company that had key employees working in India. Before I discovered vTestify I was faced with a terrible choice: incur thousands of dollars in expenses to obtain depositions of witnesses in India or forego key witness testimony. Thankfully, I found vTestify, and my problem was solved. We conducted three remote depositions that included the introduction of over 50 documents. At the end of each deposition, we quickly received a videotape of the deposition. Regarding efficiency and cost-savings, I know of no other system that can compare with vTestify."

Professor Kevin P. Lee

Professor Kevin P. Lee

Campbell Law School

"vTestify is one of the most interesting legal technology companies in North Carolina. There is so much hype in legal tech today. With promises of robot lawyers and blockchain-driven revolutions, over-inflated expectations have become the norm. So, when quiet products that don’t trade on all of the hot buzz-words are truly transformative, it can be easy to overlook them even when they deliver. And vTestify does deliver. vTestify lowers costs in vital elements of legal practice critical to a firm's success. Not only do lower costs mean reductions in overhead cost, but also by eliminating travel, lawyers can recognize substantial gains in productivity."


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