We Make Remote Depositions Easy!

vTestify is a simple to use remote deposition platform that combines secure video conferencing, interactive exhibit management, and cloud storage of deposition assets in a single professional interface.

Easy to Use

Intuitive sign-in and set-up for all parties

Purpose Built

All-inclusive exhibit and video management

Safe And Secure

A protected and safe virtual environment

vTestify in Action

Watch the vTestify demonstration video to learn more about our technology and our signature process.

Extend Your Reach

vTestify’s remote deposition platform enables court reporters, digital reporters, and videographers to extend their reach. Our secure, easy-to-use, and scalable platform facilitates the remote capture of testimony while also helping preserve business continuity.

How It Works

vTestify represents the most advanced remote deposition system in the world that is purpose-built and easy to use.

Web-Based Platform

Nothing to download or install. With cloud redundancy and speaker isolation, the platform enables remote depositions and provides immediate access to the recorded video and stamped exhibits.


You and your clients should never be concerned about the security of your virtual environment. We provide encrypted streaming, network protection, and secure storage that meet legal industry needs and compliance regulations.


Everything you need to run and manage a deposition is in one place. You are in control with a flexible platform that mirrors your workflows, reduces common process bottlenecks, and streamlines your work.


Your secure and intuitive remote deposition platform can be used today. Live telephonic support is available to all users if a technical question arises, and the intuitive interface requires little to no training to use.

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