After several late nights and a few iterations, we are excited to introduce the new and improved vTestify website. If you are reading this article then you are most likely on our new site so let me walk you through a few of the changes we have made.

This, right here, is one of the biggest improvements to Not this article but our blog. From here we will be sharing team stories, interesting events we attend, new product features, and any interesting stories we find, at least mostly, relevant. Visit our blog here:

In addition to our blog, we have added a features section. This is where we have our current product features, and how they work. Check it out here:

Our benefits page is one of the ones that I’m most excited about. It tells part of the vTestify story and helps to paint a picture about some of the problems that we are addressing through the use and continued adoption of remote video testimony. Here’s the link:

The last major change is the “Who We Are” page. This lets you get to know our founders a bit more, as well as talking about some of our partnerships and advisors. Please take a look:

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please feel free to reach out to us or request a demo.

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