vTestify is a revolutionary platform that allows attorneys to conduct depositions and gather testimony, remotely and without the need for a court reporter. Receiving accolades from industry leaders such as Duke Law School and LexisNexis. We were even admitted to their respective legal technology programs. Duke Law’s program believes that by lowering the cost of depositions while eliminating the need to travel for depositions vTestify helps to Increase Access to Justice. In fact, we guarantee that your deposition, whether it’s a half hour or a half day, will be at least half the price of a traditional deposition, including video, professional transcripts, and even trial presentation integration.

Michael Hewitt, President & CEO, says it best “vTestify’s innovative technology eliminates the need for videographers and court reporters all while enabling the gathering of testimony from any location. This represents significant savings for your clients and a significant process improvement when scheduling a deposition. With the coming shortage of court reporters, an estimated 5,500 court reporting positions will remain unfilled in 2018*, there is now a greater driving force behind the adoption of new technology.”

* Per Court Reporting Industry Outlook Report sponsored by the NCRA

Visit our savings calculator at, https://www.vtestify.com/calculator/, to see just how much you can save with vTestify.


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