The April edition of Attorney at Law Magazine features the editorial “The Looming Court Reporter Crisis is a Perfect Storm” from vTestify advisory board member and friend, David Cowen. In the article, David succinctly lays out the various conditions for this perfect storm.

  1. A majority of court reporters are nearing the age of retirement, the average age is 51 with 75% eligible to retire over the next 15 years.
  2. The replacement rate of new court reporters is low due to schools closing down and the perception that the profession is likely to be innovated by technology.
  3. Other professions such as broadcast captioning who utilize stenographic recording methods offer competitive alternatives for reporters.
  4. The limited resource is leading to price increases that affect the rising cost of litigation.

David then points out the solution to this looming industry storm, “By making a change and embracing new technologies, such as vTestify, not only will you be prepared for the impending crisis, you will save 50 percent, reduce your reliance on court reporters and be more efficient in the process.”

Click here to read the full article. 

Our appreciation to David Cowen, Bob Friedman, and Attorney at Law Magazine.

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