To this day a requirement for becoming a court reporter through the NCRA is that you are proficient in shorthand and stenography using a stenotype machine. For decades, this made sense. Using shorthand, a human can transcribe far faster than any normal human can type using a QWERTY keyboard, and it’s nearly impossible to match the pace of human speech.

Times have changed. The true disruption of the traditional “court reporter” is that speech-to-text is here and has reach human parity in laboratory conditions. It’s omnipresent in our everyday lives, we tell Alexa to turn the lights on and off. It’s also eliminated the necessity for the stenotype machine.

This is why we use the phrase “the future of testimony is here”. We’re starting from the assumption that stenography is an outdated technology. Our process of AI enhanced speech-to-text transcribes roughly 80%  of the initial transcript within minutes. Then, multiple layers of human scopists ensure the highest quality of transcript.

The nature of being replay sections of testimony multiple times to guarantee accuracy is just one of reasons why we represent “better evidence”. vTestify is just getting started on innovating and evolving legal transcription.

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