What makes a highly sought-after court reporter more valuable than a competitor? There are many different dimensions of “skill” when it comes to reporters, including words per minute (wpm), rhythm, focus, neutrality,  and confidentiality. More often than not, it comes down to the variation in skills with stenographic shorthand.

For attorneys who work within highly specialized fields of law, such as pharmaceutical, neurological or even nautical, there can be a long list of specialized terms brought up during a deposition. To these attorneys, a court reporter with a strong glossary is critical to an accurate transcript.

Generating these glossaries are not easy. It requires a court reporter to first identify the various terms, develop a phonetic shorthand on their stenotype and reporting software, then practice until perfect.

With vTestify’s innovative transcription process, you no longer need to be an expert to correctly spell difficult words on a transcript. Glossaries related to your field of expertise are built into our system and designed to let anyone with basic phonetic skills to get the keyword correct every time.

Let’s take Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cases as an example. An attorney who specializes in TBI litigation deals with neuroscience related terms that can be rather difficult to pronounce and spell. To make matters’ worse, TBI related keywords can be closely related phonetically, making a stenographic shorthand especially difficult. An example would be the words hematoma, hemianopsia hemianopia, and hemiparesis.


All of these words begin with “HEM” and three of the words begin with “HEMI”. These are words that could conceivably be brought up regarding a case about a lesion of the Corpus Callosum, which connects the two hemispheres of the brain. A court reporter would need to carefully execute the difference between these words in order to spell them correctly. The attorney would likely seek to hire this person again for getting these words correctly while interviewing their expert witness.

A vTestify transcriptionist has the tools to correctly spell these words without being an expert neuroscientist.  Watch below for a demonstration of the new approach to spelling these difficult keywords.

Using built in glossaries and phonetic skills to spell out parts of the words can easily allow a non-expert to get it right every time. This is just one reason why vTestify is not only as good a competent court reporter, we can transcribe as well as the highly sought-after court reporter with a specialty in TBI brain injury glossaries. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Speech to Text, and keyword glossary augmentation, vTestify is changing the game for legal transcription.

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