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We are excited to announce the start of the vTestify webinar series. This webinar is designed to train Court Reporting teams and educate clients about the vTestify Reporter platform while introducing best practices for remote depositions.

Our team focuses on ensuring a reporters’ success when conducting remote depositions on the vTestify Reporter platform and is dedicated to our customer’s success.

In our next Webinar we will be speaking with a former NCRA President so please Like, Follow, and Subscribe to the vTestify YouTube page for more content and industry insight!

Post Author: Ray Hadad

An active Director of Customer Success and Product Evangelist, I have worked to build out and establish a well-trained Customer Success team that can review and educate customers and sales teams on the product, its features, and benefits while promoting product championship among clientele. By hosting webinars, creating CLE's, and building an online training repository we have established vTestify as a customer-centric organization that is dedicated to our customer's success.

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