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Are you thankful for your home office, work computer, or internet connection? Thinking back on this year, many of us have been fortunate to have reliable workstations, home offices, and a solid internet connection; however, we have all seen or been that person who is missing one of these critical components. Luckily it’s the season of being thankful, overindulgence, and online shopping.

In a previous blog post, we discussed investing in yourself referencing the Dentons’ purchase of thousands of laptops for their attorneys and staff. There is no time like the present to get your home office outfitted to best represent you professionally. But where should we start?

Invest in yourself! It pays the best interest!
Invest in yourself! It pays the best interest!
Your Workstation

Whether you are using a laptop or desktop, Mac or PC; eventually we have to upgrade our devices. If you notice that your computer is getting slower or having connectivity issues it may be time to invest in that workstation, especially if you are using it for any significant amount of time. Make sure that your new workstation has:

  • An i5 or better processor
  • At least 8 GB of RAM but 16 GB is preferred
  • A solid-state disk
  • Screen resolution of at least 1080 (Full HD)
Your Audio and Video

Your computer is the heart of your home office but professionalism has shifted in 2020; with a greater reliance on remote meetings and an explosive demand for remote depositions, having a professional video and audio setup is key. Consider upgrading your standard webcam and/or microphone to really shine on your next remote matter. Look for:

  • 1080p or above webcams
  • Webcams from trusted brands like Logitech
  • Consider a wired or Bluetooth headset to prevent echo in remote matters
Your Network

One of the least exciting, most overlooked, and critical pieces of your home office is your network. While a new router won’t make a slow internet connection fast, an old router will make you wonder why you are paying for that faster connection. If you’re working out of a larger home or have a large number of devices on your network an upgraded device like a mesh router system can allow for an improved remote experience.

Where can I find the best deals?

If you’re shopping for new computers, webcams, headsets, or routers then Amazon and Best Buy will not disappoint. For the best deals, you can use sites like to review deals while they last.

Happy Holidays from the vTestify team!!!

Post Author: Ray Hadad

An active Director of Customer Success and Product Evangelist, I have worked to build out and establish a well-trained Customer Success team that can review and educate customers and sales teams on the product, its features, and benefits while promoting product championship among clientele. By hosting webinars, creating CLE's, and building an online training repository we have established vTestify as a customer-centric organization that is dedicated to our customer's success.

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