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cybersecurity laws for private sector

Navigating National Regulations
(and compliance requirements)

HIPPA is only one of 26 state regulations that law firms and other legal institutions must be aware of. With the implementation of the New York SHIELD Act and California’s CCPA; many are left wondering how to navigate these regulations and adapt to future compliance requirements making their way through state legislatures.

Join Keith Mattox, Founder of Clinical Security, Dave Newell, Founder of Loptr, and Ray Hadad as they dive into the patchwork of legal compliance laws across the country.

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Post Author: Ray Hadad

An active Director of Customer Success and Product Evangelist, I have worked to build out and establish a well-trained Customer Success team that can review and educate customers and sales teams on the product, its features, and benefits while promoting product championship among clientele. By hosting webinars, creating CLE's, and building an online training repository we have established vTestify as a customer-centric organization that is dedicated to our customer's success.

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