Benefits of vTestify

vTestify’s team hit the road; Talking to everyone from Judges and lawyers to law students and paralegals. We designed our testimony platform after hearing about the need to lower the cost of litigation, the constant back and forth from scheduling, and all the travel snafus happening. Simple and intuitive by nature, we address the inefficiencies and pain points caused by these problems. vTestify eliminates travel, greatly reduces costs and ultimately increases access to justice.

Benefits for Lawyers

Say goodbye to waiting for a late client or being stuck in the airport. vTestify makes depositions a breeze, all while reducing costs. This ultimately allows your client to afford more of your time and creates better evidence for your case.  Learn more

Benefits for Insurance Companies

With the highest litigation budgets of almost any other industry, it’s no wonder Insurance companies are looking for solutions. Using vTestify not only reduces line item expenses but also helps boost productivity by allowing lawyers to stay in office for more of their matters. Learn more

Benefits for Courtrooms

With a record number of court cases and near constant budget cuts, our court system has been struggling to make the numbers work for some time. vTestify solves these issues by reducing costs, saving time, and eliminating backlogs. Learn more