Benefits for Courtrooms

Over the last 8 years, budget constraints have caused 41 states to reduce court services to the public. From cuts to public services to reduced hours, our state courts are experiencing continuous delays and increasing backlogs.

The vTestify platform was developed to tackle these inefficiencies and entrenched obsolescence in our legal system. With Courts constantly pushed to do more with less; try more cases, faster, with no room for error. Judges and administrators are to reduce backlogs and handle more cases. vTestify is the solution by reducing costs, saving time, and eliminating backlogs.

Remote Arraignments

Arraignments are necessary, so when a simple case that will only result in a fine turns into a warrant because the defendant doesn’t show, we know that things need to change. Whether someone is just down the road, in a jail cell, or across the country, remote arraignments lower costs, increase accessibility, and provide greater security for courtroom staff.

Remote Traffic Court

Having your day in court is one thing, but spending all day in a traffic court is another matter entirely. Traffic courts have some of the most serious delays and backlogs around. Our queue based remote court system allows judges to quickly move through their docket. As an added benefit the ticketing officer can have the ability to appear remotely as well, allowing for greater productivity and keeping more of our officers on the streets.

vTestify as the Official Court Record

While some states have phased out court reporters, they have only replaced them with legacy hardware solutions, clunky servers, and wire mazes. vTestify allows for full audio video recording of court proceedings, reducing human error in record keeping.


So why vTestify?

  • Integration is simple
    • Compatible with all popular video conferencing devices, the vTestify platform was created to incorporate existing hardware.
  • Record high definition, multi-stream video proceedings
    • vTestify is not only prepared for current court proceedings, but we are capable of hosting virtual court proceedings, like arraignments and traffic courts.
  • Download to keep videos safe and create file redundancy
    • Save HD copies of court proceedings, testimony, and arraignments. Put an end to clunky servers, wire mazes, and costly upgrades with vTestify.