Benefits for Lawyers

Some of the biggest headaches we hear about depositions are the time away from your office, your friends and your family while traveling to and from depositions.  Time spent in an airplane or driving in heavy city traffic is wasted time.  In addition to the wasted time traveling, we have also heard that standard deposition transcripts only capture exactly what the person being deposed said, it doesn’t capture how they said it.  The non-verbal communication that is easily captured with video is completely missed by the traditional court reporter.

Imagine a world where your being at the same location as everyone else was no longer a requirement. Geographical limitations no longer apply.  Do you have an expert witness in San Diego, but you are in Austin, TX?  No worries, simply launch vTestify and gather their testimony virtually.  All in an admissible manner.

vTestify enables lawyers to be able to conduct 100% virtual depositions from anywhere