vTestify is the only platform available where litigation professionals can remotely access multi-stream video conferencing, real-time speech-to-text transcripts, electronic document exhibit management, post-deposition formal transcripts, Trial Presentation Integrations and a full deposition repository all using one incredibly easy-to-use interface developed specifically for the legal world.

  • Remote users via a cloud-based platform
    • Litigation events, such as depositions, client intake, arbitrations, and more can be conducted in real-time with anyone, from anywhere.

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  • High-definition video recording
    • High definition web-based video conferencing is built into vTestify.  Attorneys can participate in depositions and other testimony needs using any modern, standard web camera.

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  • Real-time speech-to-text transcripts
    • With vTestify ScriptSync, a rough copy is made just seconds after it is stated on the record. This allows for, not only the ability to quickly review what was stated but also the ability to play back that clip during the deposition.

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  • Flexible recording modes
    • vTestify’s flexibility empowers attorneys to conduct depositions according to what their needs are for each specific case.  One week, you might need to be in the same room, face to face for a deposition, the next week, you can conduct a client intake remotely from the comfort of your home office.  vTestify makes that easy and seamless for you.

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  • Full document exhibit management
    • Managing boxes of papers as you and your team prepare for a deposition is now a thing of the past.  With vTestify, all of your documents are stored and ready to use right there in the system.  You no longer have to dig through a stack of paper to find the one you need, just click on it and introduce it onto the record.

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  • Formal transcripts
    • Receive a formal transcript that meets the exact needs of your jurisdiction within 7 days of the end of the deposition, just like you expect from a traditional court reporter.

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  • Works on all devices (Mac, PC, mobile, tablet)

Thankfully, I found vTestify, and my problem was solved.  We conducted three remote depositions that included the introduction of over 50 documents. At the end of each deposition, we quickly received a transcript and videotape of the deposition. Regarding efficiency and cost-savings, I know of no other system that can compare with vTestify.   
– Laura Noble, The Noble Law Firm

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