vTestify’s testimony platform reduces costs, eliminates travel, and creates better evidence. Here are the flagship features of vTestify, with more in development thanks to feedback from our attorney users.

Video Recording – vTestify’s remote video testimony platform allows attorneys to gather and record high definition testimony from any location, all while creating a better piece of evidence.

vTestify ScriptSyncWith speech to text technology, vTestify creates a live text record of testimony, allowing attorneys to review and playback testimony during the deposition. After the deposition is complete this text is synced with the video enabling you to scan the text and play that point in the video.

Case Coordinator –  vTestify enables you to act on behalf of any number of attorneys at your firm. We free up more time for attorneys to be attorneys, giving them more time to work on the billable hour.

Exhibit Sharing – Upload files in advance, review witness submitted documents, share timestamped exhibits onto the record, and eliminate the need to carry files to your deposition with vTestify.

Trial Presentation Integrations – Trial presentation software offers sophisticated methods of storing, organizing, syncing, and presenting all your evidence from discovery.

Formal Transcripts – vTestify integrates with current Trial Presentation software applications in order to sync video files, formal transcripts, exhibits, and other case materials.

Admissibility –  FAQs designed to assist you (the attorney) in navigating any questions on admissibility that you might have.