vTestify makes virtual depositions easier than ever before with powerful, purpose-built features that emulate deposition workflows. By packaging the critical functions of a deposition within a focused, purpose-built user experience designed for the legal world, court reporting agencies can expand their reach. Our simple and intuitive interface accommodates users of all technological expertise. This enables you, the deposition service provider, to quickly deploy the vTestify platform with a tool that also simplifies the attorney user experience.

  • Remote users via a cloud-based platform
    • Litigation events, such as depositions, client intake, arbitrations, and more can be conducted in real-time with anyone, from anywhere. Read More
  • High-definition video recording
    • High-definition video recordings are professionally shot, fully searchable, and available immediately in a cloud repository. Read More
  • Testimony Playback and Speaker Isolation
    • With vTestify ScriptSync, a rough speech-to-text transcript is generated that enables court reporters to search and playback the testimony record in real time, or assist with transcript scoping by isolate remote speakers.   Read More
  • Flexible recording modes
    • vTestify’s flexibility empowers reporters to conduct depositions according to what their needs are for each specific case.  One week, you might need to be in the same room, face to face for a deposition, the next week, you can conduct a client intake remotely from the comfort of your home office.  vTestify makes that easy and seamless for you. Read More
  • Robust Exhibit management
    • vTestify’s exhibit management system is easy for reporters or attorneys to upload, share, and stamp documents. We also support advanced exhibit features such as annotation, shapes, signature, search, and full-screen mode.  Read More

    Thankfully, I found vTestify, and my problem was solved.  We conducted three remote depositions that included the introduction of over 50 documents. At the end of each deposition, we quickly received a videotape of the deposition. Regarding efficiency and cost-savings, I know of no other system that can compare with vTestify.   
    – Laura Noble, The Noble Law Firm

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