Are you a paralegal, legal assistant, or office administrator? Then you’re going to love our latest update. The Case Coordinator feature enables you to act on behalf of any number of attorneys at your firm. Once granted access, you have the ability to organize the entire deposition process in vTestify. All this so when your colleague is ready to give testimony, all they need to do is press “Start Recording”. Here’s everything a Case Coordinator can do on behalf of an attorney.

  • Schedule depositions
  • Edit schedule details
  • Update billing preferences
  • Upload Exhibits
  • Order and download transcripts post testimony
  • Order and download video post testimony
  • Order and download Trial Presentation Integration
  • Review vTestify ScriptSync
  • Download Receipts

The Case Coordinator feature frees up more time for attorneys to be attorneys, giving them more time to work on the billable hour.

The Case Coordinator feature made scheduling the deposition and uploading exhibits a breeze for me.
– Stewart Fisher, GMFM Law Firm

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