With vTestify, deposition exhibit management is easier than ever. Whether you prefer to bring paper copies or need to send exhibits electronically for remote witnesses, we give you the flexibility you require.

We understand that for depositions conducted in the same room, paper exhibits are still the easiest way to flip through large documents. A Digital Reporter can be in the room with you to manage exhibits in exactly the same manner as a traditional court reporter. By simulating your existing workflow, you don’t have to worry about learning to use a new piece of software. Following the deposition, your exhibits are scanned and OCR’d for easy post-deposition review.

  • Convenient
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Single solution for all of your deposition needs

For cases involving remote participants, it can be frustrating to manage chain of custody and introduce documents to the witness. vTestify’s online exhibit management feature allows you to securely review and introduce PDF exhibits without the headaches of shipping paper by overnight express mail. Now, you can simply upload your documents and introduce them to your remote participants with a single button.

Electronic exhibits are also time-stamped and independently stored in a cloud repository. In this way, the original lives in the cloud and each copy downloaded to your local device is a certified copy. If there are any concerns of exhibit tampering, the independent cloud-stored exhibits can be referenced as the original introduced to the witness.

Whichever deposition scenario your next case involves, vTestify offers the peace of mind that your exhibits are being managed professionally and efficiently without altering your workflow.