vTestify brings remote users into the deposition, arbitration or client intake seamlessly.  Simply connect via our easy-to-use platform and it will feel just like you are sitting across the table from the other person.  Never before has participating in a remote deposition been so simple and felt so ‘normal’.

  • A Consistent user experience for all situations.
    • All participants attending remotely
    • Some participants attending remotely
    • All participants attending in one single location
  • Engineered and optimized to work reliably.
  • Participants can join via desktop and mobile platforms.
All participants remote
Some participants remote
All participants in one location

With vTestify, you can have up to 5 simultaneous video streams that can be used by you and other remote users, joining everyone in one virtual deposition room.  In addition, the attorneys who are attending have the ability to prepare and present digital exhibits onto the record, with the ability for the court reporter to apply an industry-standard digital stamp.

vTestify lowers costs in vital elements of legal practice critical to a firm’s success. Not only do lower costs mean reductions in overhead cost, but also by eliminating travel, lawyers can recognize substantial gains in productivity.
– Kevin Lee, Campbell Law School

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