Trial presentation software and transcript management tools offer sophisticated methods for storing, organizing, syncing, clip making, and presenting testimonial evidence from discovery. Now, vTestify makes it easy to receive your synced video transcripts files that work seamlessly with the leading trial presentation software applications. No longer do you need to wait on a third party provider to produce the files that make you a more effective litigator when presenting your case in court.

Your synced video file, formal transcript, exhibits, and other case materials are all neatly packaged and processed to work seamlessly with the trial presentation software of your choice. With the click of a button, our expert team of litigation specialists will prepare your formal transcript and integration solution with an easily downloadable folder.

Current file types vTestify can create:

LexisNexis® CaseMap® Suite

LexisNexis® TextMap® Evidence File (.xmef)

Sanction™ Transcript Database (.mbd)


Trial Director™ Case File (.cms)

Thomson Reuters

Case Notebook and LiveNote™ (.ptf/ .vid)

LiveNote™ LEF File (.lef)

E-Transcript Bundle file (.ptz)

RealLegal Portable E-Transcript viewer file (.ptx)

Access Data

Summation (.mdb)

OnCue (.xml, .mdb)

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