Done are the days of waiting days for a rough copy of a transcript. With vTestify ScriptSync, a rough copy is made just seconds after it is stated on the record. This allows for, not only the ability to quickly review what was stated but also the ability to play back that clip during the deposition. Never miss a remark with vTestify!

Once the deposition is complete, vTestify ScriptSync ties what everyone has stated directly with the time-stamped finished video. This allows you to scan the machine-created rough transcript and play that part of the video back. This enables attorneys to review what was stated and how it was stated.

Some of vTestify’s ScriptSync features include:

  • Running transcript created during the deposition
  • Immediate playback of audio during the deposition
  • Video synced with the transcript after the deposition
  • Review what was stated and how it was stated

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