The Future of Testimony

vTestify is a virtual testimony platform that enables attorneys to conduct depositions (or arbitrations, etc) remotely without the need for a court reporter – for less than 50% when compared to traditional methods.

  • Consumer grade technology – your laptop likely has everything needed already.
  • Built with lawyers in mind – ease of use is of paramount importance to us.
  • vTestify is not only a video conference app, we do what lawyers need to do.

Real-Time Transcripts

During the deposition, vTestify captures video and audio while creating a rough transcript, similar to closed-captioning you have seen on TV.  This closed-captioning text, or vTestify ScriptSync as we call it, is a running speech-to-text transcript of what is being said during the testimony.  

Trial Presentation Integration

In many cases, when using video, a synchronized transcript is required for use in a courtroom. Our professional transcriptionists complete the process of editing and scoping (a process that includes listening to the audio and video files while reviewing the completed transcript to ensure the final version of the transcript is accurate).  Once the transcript is complete, vTestify works with a Trial Presentation tool such as Trial Director or TrialPad to synchronize the video with the transcript, simplifying the trial presentation preparation process for you and your team.

What makes vTestify unique?

  • No court reporter required
  • Cloud-based platform
  • All interested parties able to view and participate in testimony gathering no matter their location
  • Real-Time Transcripts via vTestify ScriptSync
  • Full Formal Legal Transcripts delivered within 10 days of the end of the deposition
  • Capture multiple video streams with the use of consumer-grade technology you already have
  • Mobile access – phone, tablet, laptop – all work with vTestify
  • vTestify works on bandwidth as low as 4G LTE

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