Increasing costs of litigation are hurting the bottom line of insurance companies. With vTestify, your testimony related expenses are not only reduced in half, they become easy and predictable with enterprise agreements. Video testimony offers a powerful tool for making smarter, collaborative case decisions that lead to a faster speed to settlement.

Minimally 50% reduction in cost

Enterprise pricing for greater budget predictability

Speed to settlement with video depositions

vTestify is a solution for significantly reducing litigation expenses and organizing witness testimony for superior case strategy and settlement decisions.

Greater than 50% reduction in cost

A significant percentage of all depositions are paid for by insurance companies. With more case filings each year and the increasing cost of litigation, a testimony solution that reduces cost can help your bottom line.

  • Video included with all depositions providing better evidence.
  • Formal transcripts can be purchased as an option post-deposition.

Enterprise pricing for greater budget predictability

The traditional court reporter pricing model is littered with hidden charges and fees. The power of tracking your budgets with a simple subscription model gives you greater peace of mind.

  • Monthly subscription model available for 100% budget predictability

Speed to settlement

Access to an organized, searchable collection of witness testimony can aid in faster, smarter case strategy decisions.

  • Value of organized expert witness data
  • Superior witness preparation tool
  • Aid in settlement strategies
  • Quality control your witnesses

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