A reliable testimony gathering platform that gives you the flexibility and performance you demand.

There is no room for error when it comes to gathering testimony.  You need your technology to work the way you expect it to every time.  

Large Law firms like yours face unique challenges – high profile cases and clients require you to never miss a beat. You’ve probably already tried some sort of remote deposition via a basic video conference application, but that experience most likely fell short of your expectations.   vTestify delivers you the flexible, powerful and reliable platform you are seeking.  With vTestify, Large Law firms like yours can modernize their deposition and testimony gathering process thanks to the innovative platform that was developed with satisfying the attorney’s needs as our driving principle.

Flexibility that Large Law Firms demand

More than just a video conference platform

Gather better evidence by recording video in every deposition


Flexible Platform

Large Law Firms are looking for flexibility – they want to see their deponent face to face when needed, and other times they want to be able to capture the testimony remotely. vTestify is the flexible solution they seek.

  • All parties in the same room
  • All parties are remote
  • Some attendees are remote, while others are local

Designed for lawyers

More than just a video conference application

  • Introduction of evidence onto the record
  • Time-stamped video and evidence
  • Speech-to-text synchronization in line while the testimony is occurring
  • Formal Legal Transcripts produced by our professional transcriptionists post-deposition

Better Evidence

vTestify enables you to easily record video in every deposition without the need to pay a videographer

  • Using consumer grade devices
  • HD video testimony
  • Easy to use and access

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