A reliable testimony gathering and review platform that gives you the flexibility and performance you demand.

There is no room for error when it comes to gathering testimony.  You need someone you can trust to capture admissible testimonial evidence the way you expect it, every time.

Large Law firms like yours face unique challenges – high profile cases and clients require you to never miss a beat. You’ve probably experienced a delay, scheduling mishaps, and other issues when scheduling depositions. vTestify can deliver you a certified transcript, witness video, and real-time transcript significantly faster by leveraging the latest advancements in technology. Now with vTestify, you can simplify your record capture and review without sacrificing quality.

The flexibility that Large Law Firms demand

More than just a video conference platform

Gather better evidence by recording video in every deposition

Flexible Platform

Large Law Firms are looking for flexibility – they want to see their deponent face to face, and other times they want to be able to capture testimony remotely when it’s inconvenient to travel. vTestify is the flexible solution they seek.

  • All parties in the same room
  • All parties are remote
  • Some attendees are remote, while others are local

Designed for lawyers

More than just a video conference application

  • In-person Digital Reporter takes the testimony
  • Time-stamped video and evidence
  • Fully searchable real-time rough transcript available for immediate review
  • Certified transcripts are available often with a faster turnaround

Better Evidence

  • HD video testimony
  • Easy to use and access
  • Review your testimony immediately and on the go

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