Win with discovery; Gather more testimony, travel less, and gain the competitive edge without impacting your discovery budget.

Small and medium law firms face unique challenges whether you’re working within a client’s budget or going up against firms with vast resource pools. vTestify delivers a powerful, cost-saving, and efficient solution for your firm’s testimony needs.  Your firm can modernize depositions and testimony gathering with remote video testimony using consumer-grade hardware.

Eliminate travel costs with remote video testimony

Conduct court compliant depositions from your office

Simplify your deposition scheduling process


Flexible and Efficient

Small and Medium Law Firms are looking for greater efficiency – whether they want to see their deponent face to face or have the ability to capture testimony remotely.  vTestify is that solution.

  • All parties in the same room
  • All parties are remote
  • Some attendees are remote, while others are local

Designed for Lawyers

More than just a video conference application

  • Introduction of evidence onto the record
  • Time-stamped video and evidence
  • Speech-to-text synchronization in line while the testimony is occurring
  • Formal Legal Transcripts produced by our professional transcriptionists post-deposition

Better Evidence

vTestify enables you to easily record video in every deposition without the need to pay a videographer

  • Using consumer grade devices
  • HD video testimony
  • Easy to use and access