vTestify formal legal transcripts are unique because unlike the traditional process, our formal transcripts are produced after the deposition has been completed.

  • The video testimony is run through an artificial intelligence empowered speech-to-text system that transcribes 80 to 90% of the video within minutes.
  • Knowing that legal standards require 99.9% accuracy, our innovative editor system allows experienced scopists to assign speaker names, Q/A identifiers, and fix the AI produced speech-to-text at rapid speeds with high precision.
  • Two human layers of scopists are used to net high accuracy transcripts with the ability to easily replay audio and video sections and reference a customized glossary of keywords specific to the deposition.

This reinvention of the process using the latest in Artificial Intelligence-driven speech-to-text editing is how we’re able to produce our formal legal transcripts post-deposition.

vTestify follows all federal, state, and local guidelines for transcript certification and formatting. Utilizing digital signatures for witness review and the notary who swore in the witness, accompanied by digital exhibit stamps, every copy is a certified original that cannot be tampered with.

vTestify transcripts are produced in a secure, audit traceable, locked environment so not even our professional scopists have the ability to extract your video or transcript. This so you never have to ask the question, “where’s my data?”

vTestify provides the added convenience of the ASCII transcript, linked exhibits, and/or the condensed transcript all included in one offering. 

By virtue of the formal transcript being produced directly from the video record, a synced video transcript that easily imports into your favorite trial presentation or case management software can be assembled within the same day.

vTestify formal transcripts are an evolution in quality, time, and price that allow you to be a more effective lawyer.